Randy Patterson

Senior Pastor


Danelle Seymour

Music Director

Arlene Scott

Accounting Manager

Katie Poole

Church Office Manager

Jay Forester

Associate Pastor, Teaching Elder, Family and Youth Minister, Men’s Ministry

Janice Taddonio


Church Officers

Ace Blackburn

Ruling Elder, Finance Committee, Missions

Scott Mc Owen

Ruling Elder, Personnel, Visitation

Daniel Patterson

Director of Maintenance, Communion, Missions

Ted Seymour

Ruling Elder, Visitation, Missions

Shawn Starkoski

Ruling Elder, Finance, Visitation, Personnel

Bob Casalini

Deacon, Visitation, Missions, Technical Director

Dana Dodge

Deacon, Finance, Visitation

Joel Kefferstan

Deacon, Visitation, Personnel

Marty VanBoerum

Deacon, Communion, Personnel

Seacrest Christian School

Erin Mosley


Linda Poole

School Office Manager

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